Transition from Colleague to Manager

The art of getting things done through your team

This workshop covers
  • Leadership vs. management
  • The role of an inspirational leader
  • When and when not to delegate
  • Management behaviours and influence
  • "Interest" based and "rights" based processes for dealing with conflict
  • Dealing with difficult members of staff
  • Overcoming the challenges of being a new manager
  • The continuum of conflict resolution
Quality team management and leadership skills

Most teams fail to meet their objectives because managers spend too much time doing and not enough time leading. In order to avoid this pitfall learn about the differences between management and leadership and the need for both in high performance teams.

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Adapting to meet the needs of your team

When propelled into a management position we have to learn how to adapt. Each member of your team is unique. Learn how to get the most out of them by addressing your management behaviours and using the most appropriate sources of power.


The art of delegation to get the job done with maximum efficiencies

Many managers choose not to delegate for a variety of reasons. However delegation is the key to successful task management. This workshop explores the key concepts of upward, downward and sideward delegation in order to complete tasks with maximum efficiency.

HR skills for Line Managers to reduce workplace conflict

Explore the key causes of workplace conflict and identify the different management behaviours to deal with it effectively. This workshop offers an introduction to the role of the manager in handling conflict and the impact on the team and business.

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