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BAKO | ISO 14001

BAKO North Western is a food manufacturer and distributor located in Preston, Lancashire who have recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary in this trade. Most recently, they chose Centre for Assessment as their Certification Body of choice when they decided to they wanted to achieve the ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard which helps an organisation to become more resource efficient, improve environmental performance and save money. Compliance with an Environmental Management System ensures that your organisation considers all aspects of its business operations that can or could have a damaging effect on the environment. After a rigorous audit process, BAKO came out on top and achieved the Environmental Standard!

Richard Ellis, Bako North Western’s Marketing and Sales Manager, commented on the impact the Standard has had on the organisation:

“Having ISO 14001 has been a real motivator to our internal and external stakeholders in terms of focusing on reducing our impact on the environment - something we are genuinely concerned about. Working with Centre for Assessment to gain this Standard has helped us to concentrate our efforts in areas where we were already seeking to reduce our impacts.  The formal system in place means that not only are we now significantly reducing our environmental impacts and influencing others to change, we are giving something back to the local community and reducing our overheads directly as a result!  It’s a win-win situation as far as we are concerned!”

All of us here at Centre for Assessment would like to pass on our congratulations to Bako North Western for all their hard work and also the positive impact ISO 14001 has had on them and their internal processes. They have shown a commitment to quality, the environment, local community and their customers.

Find out more about ISO 14001 here.




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