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Gomer Williams Ltd

Gomer Williams Ltd is a well-established firm in the town centre of Llanelli, South Wales. It offers Conveyancing, Probate, Wills, Family, Mental Health, Criminal Defence, and Litigation legal services.

Why did you choose to work with Lexcel?

"Originally, the firm required the standard to ensure it qualified for consideration under publicly funded tenders, however, since adoption the standard has been used as a platform to drive customer value and increase new matter starts and overall profitability."

How did you get started with the Standard?

"The firm researched what was involved and made the decision to engage Law Society Approved Lexcel consultants, cpm21. Cpm21 carried out an initial assessment of the firm’s systems, processes and procedures against the standard, and then prepared a plan to deal with any “gaps” that the firm had. All aspects of this plan were then run as a project between the firm and cpm21 over a period of some months before an audit took place."

Since working with Lexcel, what tangible outcomes and benefits have your organisation seen?

"The firm has benefited from a marked increase of around 150% in new instructions. There has also been an increase in revenue turnover year on year, with the first year producing a doubling in revenue turnover. The firm has grown its staff, with fee-earner positions doubling since initial accreditation."

How will you be taking Lexcel forward in the future?

"As the Legal Services sector is a constantly evolving sector with regular and frequent changes in legislation, the firm intends to continue to use the standard to ensure that its base operations remain compliant and that it benefits from suggested Law Society best practice. The firm’s relationship with the standard will continue for as long as it provides a framework adapted to legal firms that provide the benefits seen to date."

Would you recommend Lexcel to other organisations?

"Yes, we would recommend the standard to all solicitor firms in England and Wales. The Lexcel standard applies to all aspects of legal services to consumers, and given the ever increasing bureaucracy of regulation, it helps to ensure that a legal firm stays within the parameters of its regulatory responsibilities. We also found it very helpful to have the benefit of specialist consultants in preparing and supporting the firm before and after our original assessment."

All of us here at Centre for Assessment would like to pass on our congratulations to Gomer Williams Ltd for all their hard work and also the positive impact and results Lexcel has shown in their organisation.

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