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Leading the Way in Sustainability: RKMS' Journey to PAS 2060 Certification

RKMS is a forward-thinking organisation deeply committed to sustainability. They aim to succeed in their industry while reducing their environmental impact.

Based in Blackpool but operating nationally, RKMS is a management consultancy and training provider. Their core mission is ‘to provide a one stop shop for compliance by delivering consultancy and training support, safeguarding organisations through improved processes, enhanced product innovation and workforce development.’

In February 2023, Centre for Assessment (CfA) awarded RKMS PAS 2060 certification, a testament to their environmental responsibility and to curbing their carbon emissions.

Already holding ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certification, RKMS aimed to bolster their sustainability efforts by achieving PAS 2060 certification. Their objective was not only to measure their carbon footprint, but also to actively work towards reducing emissions to reach Net Zero.


Certification Process with Centre for Assessment

RKMS initially identified potential emission risks within their operations, forming the basis for their certification journey. They then collected essential data, including emissions from various sources within their operations.

Closely adhering to the guidelines set out in the PAS 2060 specification, RKMS then calculated their carbon footprint before considering carbon offset projects which not only provided the necessary offset credits, but also aligned with their company values.

Throughout this process, from risk assessment to emission reduction plans, each step was meticulously documented in RKMS’ Quality and Environmental System (QES), laying the foundation for their PAS 2060 certification.


Benefits and Impact of PAS 2060 Certification

RKMS’ PAS 2060 certification, achieved with Centre for Assessment, brought several noteworthy benefits:

  • Cost Savings: A significant reduction in travel expenses, amounting to around £43,000 annually.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: The workforce enjoys a better work-life balance, resulting in increased employee engagement.


Engagement and Communication

RKMS’ commitment to PAS 2060 certification resonated not only within the organisation but also externally:

  • Some employees embraced sustainability practices at home, including switching to electric vehicles.
  • RKMS attracted new clients who appreciated their PAS 2060 certification, highlighting their dedication to environmental responsibility.


Lessons Learned and Advice

Drawing from their experience, RKMS offers advice to organisations considering PAS 2060 certification:

  • Prioritise data collection and establish efficient data-gathering processes.
  • Engage with your certification body early to ensure a smooth data collection and certification process.
  • Collect data regularly throughout the year to streamline the certification process.



RKMS’ achievement of certification to the PAS 2060 specification through Centre for Assessment is a significant milestone. As one of the first organisations in their region to attain this certification, RKMS stands out as a leader in environmental responsibility. Josh Keen from RKMS states, ‘Our journey reflects our commitment to succeed as a business while minimising our environmental impact. Certification body assessment drives positive change and contributes to a more sustainable future.’

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