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Pure360 Achieves Excellence

Founded in 2001, Pure360 are a UK-based email & SMS marketing provider who specialise in understanding their clients and getting the very best results from their campaigns. They work with over 1400 organisations including brands such as innocent drinks, The FT, Bravissimo, PayPal, and Occam.

Why Customer Service Excellence?

"At Pure360 we understand the importance of combining industry-leading technology alongside a service which supports our customers in achieving the best possible results. 

We’ve invested heavily in both our people and our systems; striving to make our customers' experience the best it can possibly be.

We chose this award as we wanted to work towards a standard that would help us identify any services areas we may not have considered. This enables us to continuously improve beyond the certification and demonstrate to our customers that we really do care about their experience. 

One of the key areas of the CSE standard is Customer Insight. In 2015 we launched our Maturity Model which is based on customer insight and offers our customers a strategic framework to help them advance in their marketing sophistication. The "Pure360 Best Practice Framework", uses the Maturity Model as it's backbone and guides our customers through the strategy, tactics, features, functionality and services they can utilise to directly help them improve their marketing results. We wanted to know how this stacked up against the CSE standard and was thrilled to achieve Compliance Plus! 

This reward has helped us to confirm the success of our efforts, our Maturity Model, and our Best Practice Framework, as well as being an incredibly motivational and rewarding result for everyone at Pure360. It shows them that their efforts are being recognised not only by their peers but also by an official government standard."

Working with the Standard

"Although the number of criteria points seemed daunting at first, building them into our BAU processes felt natural, as each point highlights a crucial area to consider at every stage of the customer journey.  

Working with our assessor was one of the most enjoyable parts of working with the standard. Having someone who clearly had a broad range of experience from advising so many different businesses meant that she quickly understood how we worked and was able to guide us through the process in a way that suited us."

Which part of the Framework has been most fulfilling?

"The final assessment day was the day that our staff, customers, partners, and processes were all center stage. Although nerve-wracking, it was extremely fulfilling to watch all the elements we’d worked so hard on coming together, and to then gain valuable feedback from our assessor directly afterwards."

Would you recommend Customer Service Excellence?

"Definitely, It’s a well thought out framework that isn’t just a box ticking exercise. It’s helped us to confirm that we are continuously moving in the right direction, as well as define some core themes that make up Customer Service Excellence. We are confident that this award will ensure we continue to focus on development in each of these crucial areas."

Interested in Customer Service Excellence? For more information, please contact us or alternatively request a quote here.


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