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Panoptic Cyber Ltd

107-111 Fleet Street Greater London EC4A 2AB

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Panoptic Cyber empowers businesses by ensuring compliance with legal and privacy regulations while protecting against sophisticated cyber threats. Founded by elite armed forces veterans in 2019, we provide flexible, tailored services with straightforward communication, enabling you to focus on core business activities. Our team has extensive experience in Information Security, Cyber Security, Data Protection, and Risk Management. We offer dedicated expertise and solutions across various industries, using a 'Fractional Consulting model' to deliver cost-effective, customised support. With a strong work ethic rooted in our military background, we combine careful planning with practical advice. Our consultants integrate seamlessly with client teams, fostering trust and genuine partnerships. We offer bespoke services, including experienced CISOs and DPOs, tailored to your needs and budget. Our CREST Certified Penetration Testing enhances system security, and we ensure ISO/IEC 27001 compliance with a 100% success rate in UKAS certification.

Panoptic Cyber offers a range of specialised services across various sectors to ensure robust cybersecurity and compliance. In the healthcare sector, we provide Penetration Testing and CISO services to multiple healthcare organisations, helping them maintain high security standards. For the education sector, we deliver CISO and DPO consultancy services to academic institutions, ensuring effective information security and data protection management. In the digital marketing industry, we assist global organisations with ISO 27001 implementation and consultancy services, enabling them to meet international security standards. Within the financial services sector, we offer CISO consultancy and board-level advisory roles to insurance companies. Additionally, we develop comprehensive global data privacy frameworks for large accountancy firms with extensive locations. For public services, our CISO and ISO 27001 consultancy services support fire and rescue services, enhancing their information security management systems. Moreover, Panoptic Cyber provides penetration testing services to clients in various sectors, including security, IT telecommunications, and legal technology providers, identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening their cybersecurity measures.

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