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Embrace Diversity & Inclusion At Your Law Firm With IS0 30415

In increasingly conscious business environments, diversity & inclusion (D&I) is an area almost all organisations should aim to improve upon. There are some companies who see it as a box-ticking exercise, or a way to say they’re doing something without actually taking action. But having the proper framework in place represents an instilled set of values, and reassures your employees that equality, opportunity and respect truly extend to everyone.

In recent years, legal bodies have taken a firm stance on diversity & inclusion, as the industry starts to give the matter the attention and focus it deserves. Below, we discuss all that encompasses D&I, and highlight why embracing the initiative with open arms will benefit your law firm on numerous levels.

A new priority in the legal sector

D&I goes way beyond race, colour and creed. The Equality Act 2010 sets out to ensure that employees are protected against discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace. This policy covers a varied list of characteristics, ranging from age and disability, to pregnancy and sexual orientation.

Yet despite this legislation, some still struggle to interpret and execute the principles. Many companies have adopted actions on a macroscale, taking a blind-sided approach to the daily micro behaviours that represent unequal treatment of individuality. Often, these actions are subconscious, calling for a change in the way D&I is projected from the top down. As a result, law firms have been asked to do more.

What a number of leaders fail to realise is that a lackluster D&I approach can actually have adverse effects on business function. Likewise, an entirely inclusive workplace can bring with it various benefits. And with D&I being heavily promoted by the SRA and The Law Society, there’s never been a better time for firms to take definitive steps towards a better environment for their teams.

The benefits for your firm

As well as improving your employees’ personal experiences, a transparent diversity & inclusion approach can significantly enhance business performance. Stemming from HR management, an underlying set of human values that promote inclusivity for all can:

  • Increase employee engagement, trust and retention
  • Broaden your talent pool
  • Improve reputation and competitive edge
  • Maximise diverse skills, talents and potential

This handful of benefits alone present significant opportunities for your firm. So, if you’re eager to get your team up to scratch with D&I, there’s no better place to start than with ISO 30415 certification.

Gain certification with Centre for Assessment

Centre for Assessment is an experienced, specialist certification body, and we’re ready and waiting to deliver this internationally recognised Standard to your firm.

ISO 30415 focuses on HR Management, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. With a clear framework and on-site follow up, our experienced professionals will help you put your people first, develop your culture, and ensure you’re compliant with relevant legislation.

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