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The impact of bad customer service: can you afford it?

61% of people surveyed on a global scale said they had stopped doing business with a particular company due to a poor customer service experience.  (2018 State of Global Customer Service Report)

59% of people said they had higher expectations of customer service then they did 12 months ago. So, with people demanding good customer service and the risk of losing customers due to bad experiences being so high – how committed are you and your business in ensuring you are offering the customer the best possible experience when using your business/products.

Customer Service Excellence is a nationally recognised standard designed to drive customer-focused change.

A practical tool dedicated to bringing high-level customer service concepts into common practice, CSE helps organisations put the customer at the forefront of their business.

Promoting concepts of continual improvement; organisations will self-assess their capability and explore and acquire new skills to create a rigorous measurement of customer satisfaction through formal accreditation.

Our Customer Service Excellence Manager, Richard Hamilton, has been invited to speak at the UK’s biggest customer experience event.  Held on 27th and 28th March in London’s ExCel, the Customer & User Experience Expo will bring together the latest innovations in this vital area of any successful business.

At the Expo, Richard will introduce the background to the Customer Service Excellence quality mark and explain the many benefits it can bring to any organisation in any sector. 

Achieved through assessment, CSE certification encourages leaders and customer-facing staff to reflect on their practice, celebrate their success and explore areas for development.  The framework can help improve customer satisfaction to secure repeat business, reduce complaints and create a more efficient, cost-effective operations.

Current holders of the Customer Service Excellence award point to the value they find in the assessment process, the positive change it has brought and the motivation it has given to staff

To find out more about the Expo or to book your free ticket, visit

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