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What’s the difference between a people strategy and human resources?

In today’s fast paced and ever-changing world, it is imperative that organisations are ready to navigate and respond quickly, not only with effective processes for people management but also with effective workplace relationships.

Both Human Resources and People Strategy are essential in supporting organisational goals and navigating change but whilst human resources is focused on building and maintaining effective systems, people strategy has its focus on building and maintaining effective relationships between the organisation and its people.

What is Human Resources?

Human resources lay the organisations foundations for effective people performance and focus on the operational side of people management. Human resource priorities will include areas such as talent and recruitment processes, workforce planning, budgets, benefit, compensation and legal compliance.

What is a People Strategy?

A people strategy in a nutshell is the organisation’s plan to attract, retain, develop and engage its workforce for the here and now, and the future. A people strategy is critical to meet employee needs and support professional growth. It supports the organisation’s relationship with its people across all stages of the employee lifecycle – from recruitment to exiting the business. The people strategy is an organisation’s unique road map that provides your people with everything they need to perform at their very best, reach their potential and contribute to organisational goals and success. People Strategy will include key elements of an organisation’s culture such as leadership, employee engagement, professional growth and development, performance management, feedback, and diversity, equality and inclusion.

What are the benefits of an effective people strategy and why do you need one?

An effective people management strategy underpins your organisational success by placing your people at the forefront of your vision and ambition, ensuring your people can be confident that their growth and development is as critical to you as it is to them.

Placing your people at the forefront will create empowered and engaged people and teams with a strong commitment to the organisation, increasing productivity, service and/or product quality, and employee retention. It will also enable people to be more agile and innovative during times of change and turbulence.

How can ISO 30414 help you?

ISO 30414 can help you to connect your organisational goals, human resources and people strategy to give you a complete picture of your workforce, measuring and evaluating its effectiveness against your corporate imperatives.

ISO 30414 is a unique way to help you report on the human resources and people strategy to inform a data driven approach to people management helping you to:

  • develop a strategy for people-led growth
  • recognise the value of human capital
  • compare human capital investments with outcomes
  • evaluate the quality of your people management
  • implement suitable metrics to evaluate your people strategy
  • use rich data to inform your strategy
  • sustain an engaged, committed workforce that meets your organisation’s needs
  • improve organisational efficiencies
  • demonstrate compliance with legislation
  • increase transparency for your stakeholders.

Centre for Assessment (CfA) offer a full implementation and support service as well as verification audits against ISO 30414. We will help you assess your HR management and metrics, then work closely with you to ensure they’re successfully aligned to internationally-recognised standards.

To find out more about ISO 30414 certification, speak to our team on 0161 237 4080, or visit our webpage here 


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