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What To Expect From Your GWO Certification Body

By offering Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training, you’re already providing a highly valued service, contributing towards safer, more productive work environments for many in the industry. But when it comes to your GWO certification body, how do you ensure you’re getting the most out of the service?

Below, we’ve outlined the key things to expect from your provider so you can ensure you deliver a high standard of GWO-certified training, and receive a level of service that benefits your organisation.

Module audits

To comply with GWO training standards, you’ll be familiar with annual audits of your processes. These should include top-to-bottom inspections of all the individual modules as well as your management system. Thorough and top-quality completion, however, is the only way to truly assure the content of your training, and should never be compromised on.

At Centre for Assessment (CfA), we allocate time to provide robust audits of each module and the way they’re managed. It’s a vital step towards ensuring you deliver the required safety, rescue and repair training, all in the correct manner: just one of the ways we help you achieve GWO certification.

Skills and expertise

If you were to ask every member of your training team ‘what does it mean to be GWO certified?’ – could they all provide a comprehensive answer? Your chosen certification body should have the expertise to ensure your staff know exactly why GWO certification is important. Then, they’ll have the tools to go further than simply imparting knowledge – reaching above and beyond the subject matter, and adding value for your trainees’ work.

Cost-effective training

A GWO certification body that has your organisation’s best interests in mind goes the extra mile to ensure you’re not overspending. Equipping you with the knowledge you need to become a GWO-certified training provider is the staple requirement. But doing so in a way that respects your budget means you can get the most out of the service provided.

CfA’s high-quality audits are delivered in a cost-effective way that maximises the value for money from your certification. And if you’re thinking of changing providers, that’s a straightforward process too. At CfA, we take care of all the work associated with transferring – free of charge. You’ll also receive a friendly and supportive service along the way, smoothing your journey to full GWO certification with us.

Guidance from Centre for Assessment

For more information on what we offer, or to hear what previous clients had to say about our services, visit our GWO Certification page. If you’d like to request a quote or speak to us directly about switching to CfA, simply get in touch here.





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