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Why Construction Firms Are Moving To SSiP

SSiP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) is the mutual recognition arrangement for health and safety, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity in the construction sector. In recent years, more and more companies have made the move to SSiP certification; some buyers have even made it a requirement.

Why? Not only does it demonstrate that you're dedicated to best practices and that you maintain the highest level of health and safety standards – it can also save you time and money. Let us explain…

One path

SSiP was actually created to solve a particular problem. The issue was that clients or buyers often required those in their supply chain to possess specific member scheme certification. Suppliers then had to gain multiple accreditations which were largely the same, resulting in duplication and unnecessary administrative bureaucracy.

With SSiP certification, organisations are assessed on a set of health and safety standards, many of which are also in the ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management). As a result, things are much simpler. The process is streamlined, so it's quicker to complete tenders or PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaires). Meanwhile those purchasing from your company can instantly see that you satisfy all the necessary standards, which in itself can open up new doors…

Reduced costs

Because the SSiP certificate covers all bases, there's no need to pay for a number of similar schemes and applications. That means savings all round for you and your clients, giving you a competitive edge when you come to tender.

What’s more, by adding SSiP as an extension to your Centre for Assessment ISO 45001 certificate, you can use it to ‘deem to satisfy’ across the SSiP forum's scheme members at lower rates. You won’t have to undergo another full health and safety assessment either, resulting in even more cost savings.

Gain the SSiP with CfA

Centre for Assessment (CfA) is an accredited certification body with over two decades of experience working with clients in the construction sector. With us, you have the option to either add on SSiP to your UKAS-accredited ISO 45001, or undergo certification as a separate assessment.

Our team of highly skilled auditors, assessors and trainers don’t just focus on helping you pass; we go further to add value to your business and help you get the best out of your SSiP certification. And if you’re considering transferring to us from another provider, we’re always happy to talk through your options.

To find out more about how we can support your company with its training and certification objectives, give us a call on 0161 237 4080 or email

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