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ISO 27001 FAQs

ISO 27001 FAQs

All of our ISO 27001 FAQs are listed below:

  • Is ISO 27001 certification worth it?

    Our clients tell us that ISO 27001 certification has brought a lot of value to their organisation. Not only do they feel that their sensitive or confidential information is more secure, they are also more able to access markets with a competitive advantage.

  • Is ISO 27001 mandatory?

    ISO 27001 is often a mandatory requirement for procurers. With the increased risk of data security breaches, it is not surprising that organsiations are becoming more sensitive to the threats. ISO 27001 is possibly the fastest growing of all the ISO Management System Standards.

  • How ISO 27001 works?

    Once you have implemented your Information Security Management System Standard that complies with ISO 27001, you can gain certification from a body like Centre for Assessment. We will review your System through a two stage audit process, looking to ensure you are compliant with the ISO framework and that you have suitable controls in place.

  • How many ISO 27001 controls are there?

    There are 114 controls set out in ISO 27001. You need to decide which are appropriate for your organisation, either internally, or through the help of a suitably qualified ISMS consultant.

  • How much does ISO 27001 cost?

    Costs vary widely, depending on the size of your organisation and what activities you undertake. We need to make sure that we apply the correct number of days for your audit so that we can really explore your compliance with ISO 27001 and add value. Get in touch with us and we will calculate your bespoke audit costs.

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