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ISO 9001 FAQs

ISO 9001 FAQs

All of our ISO 9001 FAQs are listed below:

  • What are the ISO 9001 requirements?

    There are 7 requirements which are needed to be addressed in your Quality Management System in order to achieve ISO 9001 Certification. We outline these in our 'What is ISO 9001?' video which we hope you enjoy watching.

  • Who can/should get ISO 9001 certification?

    Any organisation can achieve ISO 9001 certification. It will add value to almost every organisation that wants to do business well.

  • How much is ISO 9001 certification?

    The cost of ISO 9001 certification is based on a number of factors, the most important of which are the number of sites and the number of employees within the organisation. Accurate costings are calculated via our application process, which can be completed through a discussion with a member of our Business Development team or by filling in an application form - whichever you prefer.

  • How to get ISO 9001 certification?

    First of all, you need to have implemented a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. Some organisations chose to build their own System; others use the services of a specialist consultant. Once your QMS is in place, you can move forward with an ISO 9001 audit from a certification body like Centre for Assessment. We will arrange the two-stage audit process with you, which will lead to your organisation becoming certified with the Standard.

  • Why ISO 9001 certification is important?

    Every organisation has a management system in place, whether it realises it or not! ISO 9001 is one of the most respected management system frameworks in the world, with around 2,000,000 organisations certified. It is important if you want to improve the quality of your products and/or services, gain external recognition, remain competitive and, of course, improve business performance and growth.

  • Why ISO 9001 is required?

    More and more organisations require their suppliers to hold ISO 9001 certification from a UKAS-accredited body like Centre for Assessment. The framework is so well recognised, across the world, that procurers know its value. Being ISO 9001 certified could potentially open up a much wider range of opportunities for you to do business.

  • Is 9001 best for our business?

    ISO 9001 is established and recognised. It is available for organisations of any size, and in any sector. From one-person businesses through to very large multinational corporations, ISO 9001 is the go-to choice to help organisations thrive.

  • Is there any training available for companies who want to start the iso 9001 certification process?

    Absolutely! Centre for Assessment offers implementation training that provides an insight into what is required of a compliant Quality Management System. This is a great starting point for an organisation that is committed to achieving the Standard, helping key individuals understand what is involved. Internal auditing of your QMS is a requirement of ISO 9001 - we can help with this too. Our Internal Auditor Training courses are ideal for those who want to develop their skills in this important area.

  • What are the ISO 9001 revisions from 2015?

    In summary, the 2015 revision made ISO 9001 more accessible for smaller organisations, without compromising the robustness for which it has gained international respect.

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