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ISO 30415 Certification

Driving positive change with diversity and inclusion

As an internationally recognised Standard, ISO 30415 focuses on HR Management and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Certification doesn’t just improve the experiences and functions within your business. It sets you on track to move with the world, attracting the best talent and embracing the new views you encounter during your organisation’s evolution.

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ISO 30415
What is ISO 30415?

Basic adherence to the Equality Act (2010) no longer ticks all the EDI boxes. Inclusivity, respect and fairness can’t be measured in a macro sense, but by the micro-actions that slide under the radar in the workplace. Often, these actions are subconscious and unknowingly harmful to individual employees and even overall business function.

ISO 30415 was devised to widen the lens of diversity and inclusion, addressing areas that are significant to some, yet camouflaged to others. The framework is flexible, designed to suit your specific requirements with the aim of driving positive change. 

To gain certification, you first need to obtain the ISO 30415 Standard booklet and consider how to implement the requirements it sets out. Once you’ve got your D&I framework in place, you need to submit evidence of your compliance in the form of documentation and commentary. This is then reviewed by our friendly assessor to evaluate your alignment with the Standard. Next, an on-site assessment takes place, during which discussions with employees and other stakeholders help to determine whether you meet the requirements of ISO 30415.

Download our ISO 30415 leaflet here 

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How can IS0 30415 benefit your organisation?

In a world with ever-increasing scope for diversity and inclusion, ISO 30415 certification helps you achieve organisation-wide transparency – defining equality on a spectrum that covers all aspects of individuality. The framework improves personal experiences and in turn, changes your business for the better.

By choosing Centre for Assessment as your ISO 30415 certification provider, you can:
  • Broaden your talent pool
  • Surpass ethical expectations
  • Embrace and learn from new perspectives
  • Improve reputation and competitive edge
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase employee engagement, trust and retention
  • Build a more harmonious, productive work environment
  • Evolve functions with diverse skills, talents and potential
  • Lead by example in your industry
  • Develop employee-focused leadership behaviors
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation
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Is ISO 30415 right for you?
Your people are integral to the function of your business. So if you’re interested in a certified framework that benefits both, then ISO 30415 is for you.

It’s available to any organisation, of any size, with a HR department eager to embrace diversity and inclusion from all angles. 

As well as meeting international standards, this certification will develop your workplace culture from the ground up. It’s particularly useful for companies that have previously placed a focus on diversity and inclusion issues, or plan to in the near future.

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Why choose Centre for Assessment?

Centre for Assessment is a UKAS-accredited certification body with many years experience delivering ISO certifications to organisations just like yours. 

We ensure our clients’ specific needs are met while delivering a professional and reliable service. With our expertise and passion, you can be confident that you’re in good hands, from start to finish.

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