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4 Benefits Of ISO 14001 Certification To Boost Your Environmental Responsibility

After a momentary shift in focus during the pandemic, environmental responsibility is back on the global agenda. In truth, it never went away, but with the effects of COVID-19 becoming more manageable, sustainability is now top of the list again. Gone are the days when green credentials were surplus to requirements. From a business standpoint, they’ve never been more important.

ISO 14001 certification is based on a credible Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard that demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to having a positive impact on the planet. Below, we highlight a handful of the key benefits that this certification can bring to your business.

Increased profitability

Whatever your motives are for going green, the opportunity to save money can’t be ignored. New and innovative environmentally focused processes are built around efficiency, and more often than not, will increase profitability in the long run.

As well as attracting environmentally conscious customers, implementing an EMS will help you think differently about how your company operates from within. Alterations to your energy supplier, recycling protocols, and even your office furniture can all contribute to financial gain.

Access to tenders

It goes without saying that tenders and contracts usually aim to align with businesses that share a similar outlook. And today, whether in the public or the private sector, that outlook is gradually getting greener. That’s why it’s important to keep up with the pace by demonstrating your company’s environmental responsibility.

ISO 14001 will make sure your EMS is up to scratch, ready to meet these requirements, and provide the certification to prove it. This makes it easier for organisations to assess your values, and will ultimately grant you better access to tenders with a higher chance of winning them.

Safeguarded reputation

There’s no doubt that being environmentally irresponsible comes with financial and business-related downsides. Yet these could be the least of your worries if a lack of green focus lands you in the press – a reality for many companies that don’t practise sustainable activities.

When your reputation takes a hit, it can be difficult to get back. But there is a way to safeguard it. Achieving ISO 14001 certification will grant you the seal of approval, showing you’re serious about reducing waste and protecting the environment, while reinforcing your credibility among customers and critics.

Competitive advantage

Today, an increasing number of global consumers are being led by their environmental conscience, which heavily influences their buying habits and preferences. By demonstrating your organisation’s alignment to this mindset, you’re in a better position to make a sale.

Set your business apart from its competitors by going one step further. With ISO 14001 certification, you’ll give yourself a long-term edge over similar companies fighting to show off their environmental responsibilities.

Turn to Centre for Assessment

While most business leaders are conscious of how their activities could impact the environment, every situation is different. At Centre for Assessment (CfA), we’ll make sure you have a certified Environmental Management System that’s right for your company.

Our many years of experience mean we’re best placed to help you gain ISO 14001 accreditation. To find out more about how CfA can help you achieve these benefits and more, speak to our friendly team today.

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