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5 Critical Areas To Focus Your Workforce Development

As things start to look up, people are asking if a return to pre-pandemic practice would be a step backwards. Here are 5 critical areas to focus your workforce development as we prepare for a better future.

The pandemic has significantly altered our day-to-day lives. From human interaction to workplace functions, our minds, bodies and businesses have had to react and adapt to remain functional through these difficult times. Despite the uncertainty, the past 12 months have helped us identify core areas for improvement.

As things start to look up, people are asking if a return to pre-pandemic practice would be a step backwards. Here are 5 critical areas to focus your workforce development as we prepare for a better future.

Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace was a growing priority even before COVID-19, but it’s now more vital than ever. An informed understanding has helped to readjust attitudes and behaviours – contributing to a better work environment for all.

We know that the best and most successful businesses are those that lead from the front. Which is why our sister company, Organisational Improvement, offers a range of MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) workshops as part of their Leading Well programme. Much like the body to the mind; a healthy workforce is a healthy business.

Exceptional customer care

Good customer service combines patience and empathy with a problem-solving approach. When done right, it can trigger a desirable snowball effect – from consumer retention to monetary gains.

Centre for Assessment (CfA) training will teach you how to communicate effectively by enhancing your questioning and listening skills. We’ll set you on the right track to prioritise customer care, ultimately leading to a boost in turnover.

Our Customer Service Excellence(CSE) certification uses a national framework to assess your company's customer service standards. Whether it's for improvement or recognition, we can help to benchmark your processes and ensure they're delivered in the best way possible.

Leadership & management

A manager's responsibilities are made up of numerous tasks and deadlines. To achieve real results, strong leaders must be able to temporarily withdraw from paperwork and guide the team, but it's not always easy. It takes a selfless and calm attitude, sometimes in the middle of madness, to be able to step back and assess what's in front of you.

That's why Centre for Assessment (CfA) offer a Leadership course. This one-day programme teaches key tools and best practice techniques that are essential for people managers. After all, a functioning, happy team is one that works smarter – from the bottom to the top.


From enticing new customers to upselling current clients – sales can be the crux or the crown of your business. It all comes down to using effective techniques at the right time – and executing them well.

Telesales requires intelligent questioning and attention to structure, but speaking with the decision maker can often be the hardest part. Consultative selling on the other hand, requires subtle relationship building and a chameleon-like approach to connecting with a client.

We can assist in both these areas. Our Telesales course will help you to boost sales and hit targets, while our selling skills workshop teaches you how to identify your customer's needs.

Communication and time management

That brings us to the vast yet vital world of business skills. A well-rounded skill set among your workforce can positively impact their efficiency and internal performance. But miscommunication and poor time management could interrupt a smooth-running operation.

CfA provides the support to get your staff talking and ticking in professional harmony. Our communication skills teaches great confidence and assertiveness; while our Time Management helps you identify real priorities and achieve better results. We also offer expertise on internal training, presentation skills and business writing – ensuring crucial information is delivered with clarity and professionalism.

These are just a handful of the areas in which workforce development can pay dividends. For a full list of training available from CfA, visit our training page. Or, to learn more about how our expert training can drive your workforce forward, get in touch today.

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