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NHS Wales

The NHS Wales Informatics Service has become the first organisation to achieve certification against the BS 76000, the British Standard for valuing people.

The full name of the BS 76000 standard which was introduced in September 2015 is: “Human resource. Valuing people. Management system. Requirements and guidance.” The BS 76000 Standard encourages organisations to focus on how they get the best from the people who work for and with them, embodying the theory that, when organisations demonstrate that they value their people their people will, in turn, prove their worth.

For NHS Wales Informatics Service, BS 76000 has helped the organisation to reflect, recognise, appreciate, acknowledge and improve its people practices. Achieving certification has meant that this is now demonstrable to internal, external and prospective stakeholders. The organisation will continue to use the BS 76000 standard to promote and enhance staff involvement going forward.

Sarah Brooks, Workforce & OD Manager, NHS Wales Informatics Service comments: “I am thrilled that NHS Wales Informatics Service has successfully achieved the new British Standard for Valuing People, the first in the UK. The BS 76000 is all about our staff and developing the organisation to be the best it can be.”

Dr Wilson Wong, Head of Insight & Futures CIPD and Chair of the human capital standards committee, HCS1, who led the drafting committee for BS76000, said: “My congratulations to NHS Wales Informatics Service for its commitment to people practices that are principled, relevant and developmental. BS76000 is a standard that requires a clear understanding of the purpose of and vision for your business, thoughtful execution and a commitment to excellence via continuous learning and development.  Kudos to your leadership.”

The NHS Wales Informatics Service employs over 600 staff at five locations throughout Wales, which support the development, delivery, maintenance and renewal of over 70 health and social care informatics services, underpinning the single patient record.

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