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Monmouth Partners

60 St Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4JS

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Monmouth Partners is a UK healthcare information specialist with a strong track record built on repeat business and referrals.  We provide three service lines to NHS, private medical, IT vendors and pharma clients: (1) information systems & security, (2) audit / consulting and (3) clinical coding.  Since 2012, we have built a permanent team of information professionals, analysts, clinicians and clinical coders with annual revenues approaching £2m.

Most of our work is either repeat or referral-based: >90% of 2019 revenues came from extensions or direct referrals.  This reflects our expertise and knowledge of the UK healthcare sector and the quality of our service/deliverables, which differentiate us from competitors ranging from big-four advisory practices to single handed, associate-based businesses.

Monmouth's Information Systems & Security (ISS) Practice consists of senior staff, each with over 20 years’ experience in supporting organisations to work securely, confidently and lawfully with healthcare data.  All our senior ISS staff have had hands-on practical experience working in major NHS bodies, such as NHS Digital.

Our work typically involves helping clients to achieve and maintain compliance with legal and statutory requirements as well as industry best practices.  Whilst much of our work is driven by the demands set by NHS and ISO standards, we understand that no two clients are the same and tailor our input to reflect your specific needs.

Monmouth Partners have ISO27001/9001 Lead Auditor qualified staff.

Our ISS Practice has been in place for six years and over this time we have supported many clients with both NHS-specific (e.g. DSPT) and ISO certification programmes.

Over the past year we have worked with over 20 different ISS clients from across the NHS, independent healthcare, pharmaceutical and supplier communities.

Projects range from a few days, e.g. documentation reviews or audits, to long-term support and guidance extending over several years.  Examples of recent client projects include:

·         ISO certification programmes - supporting the development of ISO-compliant systems and documentation for an IT vendor, this included preparation for their external certification audit

·         Internal ISO audit for an industry-wide body to ensure they were ready for their annual re-certification audits

·         NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) systems, documentation and submission support for multiple IT system vendors / start-ups

·         Data Protection Officer support for two independent healthcare providers

Development of a data sharing framework for a whole healthcare system, including agreement of governance structures, documentation and communication with stakeholders (GPs, hospitals and commissioners)

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