4 Benefits Of ISO 14001 Certification To Boost Your Environmental Responsibility
ISO 14001 certification is based on a credible Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard that demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to having a positive impact on the planet. Below, we highlight a handful of the key benefits that this certification can bring to your business.
ISO 14001 environmental
Returning to The Office? Don’t Forget to Make First Aid Arrangements
In the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, it states that you must supply sufficient (and suitable) first aid equipment, facilities, and people. This is to ensure that anyone who’s injured or taken ill receives immediate help. Not only that, it’s also recommended that these skills are kept up to date through annual refresher courses, so it’s worth checking when your first aider last took part in training.
First Aid health and safety
What Is GWO Training and Why Should You Become A Provider?
Here we’ll bring you up to speed on what GWO training is, outline the benefits of becoming a provider, and share how Centre for Assessment can help you to achieve the certification you need.
Why Construction Firms Are Moving To SSiP
SSiP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) is the mutual recognition arrangement for health and safety, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity in the construction sector. In recent years, more and more companies have made the move to SSiP certification; some buyers have even made it a requirement.
The Value Of Human Capital
When it comes to organisational expenditure, workforce costs are right up there. As such, it's never been more important for a business to have a clear view of the value of its human capital, and how that contributes to long-term growth.
Human Resource Human Capital ISO 30414
5 Critical Areas To Focus Your Workforce Development
The pandemic has significantly altered our day-to-day lives. From human interaction to workplace functions, our minds, bodies and businesses have had to react and adapt to remain functional through these difficult times. Despite the uncertainty, the past 12 months have helped us identify core areas for improvement.
Training Workforce Development
Keeping Your Law Firm Compliant In An Ever-Changing World
Adaptation has been the word on everyone’s lips in 2020, not least law firms. After relying on in-person processes for so long, the pandemic has made maintaining compliance more of a challenge.
Lexcel Legal Services Legal
How To Lead A Team Through Tough Times
When the going gets tough, people need leadership more than ever. Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on anyone in a management role – especially if the outlook is uncertain. While you can’t predict the future, you can keep your team calm and motivated. That is, if you have the right skills in your toolkit…
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