The impact of bad customer service: can you afford it?
61% of people surveyed on a global scale said they had stopped doing business with a particular company due to a poor customer service experience.  (2018 State of Global Customer Service Report)
Outsourcing Your Probate - Should You Do It?
So how can firms benefit from outsourcing? The SRA note that the outsourcing provisions in the SRA code do not apply where you use a specialist service to assist in the provision of legal services for clients by using tax experts or accountancy services. In every probate file, there are significant elements in which outsourcing can benefit solicitors.
The PI Industry - The Dynamic Has Changed
To start with, virtually all our PI clients have seen a drop in fees in their latest reported accounting period, and a corresponding fall in non-contingent accrued income in their statutory accounts. This was always to be expected given the nature of restrictions under the post-Jackson regime. Indeed, with RTA cases it is now not uncommon for firms to realise costs of less than £1,000 (net of VAT)…
Preparing for GDPR - What do you need to know right now?
The GDPR brings with it a whole host of changes, and the penalties for non-compliance are higher than ever, either 4% of your annual turnover or £20 million, whichever is higher. But how do you prepare? What do you need to change first? Where do you even start?
Online Payments - Is your money in your pocket?
People are typically used to working with larger retailers such as Amazon for their goods, as this is a trusted brand for over 20 years with a multitude of online payment protection offered to all users. But what do we do if you’re not as big as Amazon? What if I need to find alternative payment methods such as BACs and CHAPS?In 2016, 6.22 billion payments were made using the BACS and CHAPS…
CfA conquers Challenge 4 Change
The only indication that something was different was a cryptic line in the confirmation email telling us that “the aerial stuff is optional”. We had no idea what an amazing day we were in for.
Centre For Assessment achieves ISO 27006 accreditation
The transition to the revised standard secures CFA’s accreditation to certify information security management systems under ISO 27001, with all assessors having passed the updated competence requirements.
ISO 27006
How Will The New UK Data Protection Laws Affect You?
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